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F-cord 10 is a detonating cord where the explosive is pentrite. Two layers of polypropylene thread are twined around the explosive and the cord resulting from this process is then coated with PVC.

Detonating cord is used e.g. in quarries and in both precision stoping as well as in smooth wall blasting, when several holes are to be simultaneously detonated. The charge in this type of work is usually so light that the detonation is not transmitted without the detonating cord.

The PVC coated cord (F-cord 10) is very flexible and suitable to be used in work where the cord has to be tied in cold circumstances. The cord coated with special plastic (F-cord 10T) is developed to be used in blasting where the requirements for the remaining surface of the rock are very high.

The water resistance of this product is better than the one of the earlier produced detonating cords.