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ffshore Kemiitti is an emulsion explosive which is loaded with automatic equipment. The product is taking over the market in underwater stoping applications. The product is a an easy-to-use, quick and reliable explosive that requires very little preparation and is easy to handle on-board the vessel. Offshore Kemiitti has a verified operating depth of 50 m. The material requires a powerful booster for ignition, such as Fordyn or Redex, both of which can be used reliably up to the depth of 25 m. For small and precise blasting, Forcit recommends the use of Fordyn dynamite.

In underwater stoping, it is essential to attain the optimal results after the first ignition due to the high cost of any corrective measures. Underwater stoping requires the use of a sufficient charge in order to ensure that a borehole or a row of boreholes do not remain undetonated.



  • density of the material
  • impact
  • water-resistance
  • safety of handling
  • eco-friendliness



  • safety of manufacturing, delivery, storage and use: the product is delivered in 1000 kg IBC containers
  • quick and easy to charge
  • specific, documentable charging amounts
  • reliability and cost-efficiency of the equipment
  • possibility of partial automation of charging