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The explosive of a DETONATING CORD is pentrite (PETN). Two layers of polypropylene thread have been twined around the explosive and the cord resulting from this process has been coated with plastic. The plastic may be PVC or more environmentally friendly thermoplastic. Cordtex Premium is coated with waxed textile yarn.

Detonating cord is used for example in quarries and in precision stoping as well as smooth wall blasting when several boreholes are to be detonated simultaneously. Often in the aforementioned work, the charging used is so light that the detonation is not transmitted securely without a detonating cord. A detonating cord is used also in open pit mining to ensure continuation of the detonation.

Cordtex Premium and Detonex 5 detonating cord is recommended for igniting shock tube (for example Daveytube – shcok tube) and detonating cap (for example Daveynel). Detonex 10 can be used same way as F-cord 10. SAFETY FUSE is a ductile cord twined of cotton threads and coated with black polyethylene plastic. The core of the fuse contains black powder. Safety fuse is primarily used in quarrying and in small blasts with detonating cord caps.

The shelf life of detonating cords and safety fuse are excellent, when the products are stored in a dry and cool location in accordance with valid legislation.

The detonating cords and the safety fuse have good frost resistance. The products ignite reliably down to -30 degrees C.

Forcit produces F-Cord 10. Detonex-, Cordtex cords and safety fuse are imported by Forcit.