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SHOCKSTAR (former Indetshock) is a non-electric ignition system, which is developed by Austin detonator and has been on the market since 1993. Due to long-term product development it is a safe, precise and reliable ignition system. The ignition system is set up by Shockstar MS detonators and Shockstar connectors that are used on the ground.

The new SHOCKSTAR connector is a very user-friendly product, which brings a noticeable time saving to the connecting of the field. They are used at surface connections to ignite Shockstar MS and Shockstar TS detonators as well as to transmit the detonation impulse to the next connectors. The fuse consists of two main parts: the plastic connector and the detonator with its wiring hose. The structure of the connector eliminates splinter sections and makes the connecting of the field easy.

SHOCKSTAR Connectors have nine different delay possibilities (0, 9, 17, 25, 33, 42, 67, 100 and 200 ms), facilitating connection of up to eight wiring hoses.

BUNCH Connector is intended for igniting up to 20 shock tubes. The bunch connector’s detonator is more powerful than that of the basic Shockstar connector, initiating a detonating cord connected to the connector. Make sure there are no other shock tubes within 20 cm of the detonating cord.

SDS Austin Shockstar MS

SDS Austin Shockstar Connectors ( Bunch, Surface)

SDS Austin Shockstar MS 25/50 0ms

SDS Austin Shockstar TS 25-1000 ms

SDS Austin Shockstar TS 1100-2000 ms

SDS Austin Shockstar TS 2500-9000 ms