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Firex A (III/VA) -electric detonators are manufactured by Austin Detonator S.R.O. in its factory in the Czech Republic.

When using Firex A detonators, please note that the colours of its conductors differ from those of Firex detonators manufactured by Forcit: In Firex A detonators, one conductor is light blue and the other one is yellow.

Firex A detonators must not be used in connection with the Rockstar III detonators despite the fact that both are VA detonators by the same manufacturer and belong to the same group (C) and class (3), because their electric properties are different.

To facilitate the identification of Firex A (III/VA) electric detonators, the colour of the lower end of the sleeve varies depending on the length of the conductor. The colours are: yellow in a 4 m detonator, blue in a 6 m detonator and green in a 10 m detonator.