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Forcit imports electronic detonators manufactured by the French company Davey Bickford. Their measures and strength are equal to traditional detonators but the pyrotechnical delay mass is replaced by a printed circuit board. Thanks to this the ignition time of the detonators can be defined with an accuracy of one millisecond. The detonators are available either wired around a coil or without the coil.

In addition to the electronic detonators the system contains a programming unit, with which the detonators delay time is defined in advance, as well as a blasting unit. Therefore you do not have to store more than one type of detonator on-site.

The Daveytronic system is available in two versions: Daveytronic OP and Daveytronic SP. The detonators are system-specific. In both systems, the ignition of the detonators can be defined with any intervals between 0 to 14,000 ms. Both systems can be equipped with a remote ignition option. The difference between the system is that the SP system enables the use of up to 1500 detonators, which can be increased to 3000 with additional equipment. The OP system enables the use of 300 detonators, while the maximum number of detonators is 500. The SP system also allows detonation via WLAN network connection.

The detonators are connected with parallel connection to the trunk line and the system is always checking their functionality before it gives permission to detonate. The detonators can only be detonated with the system’s dedicated detonating device. The detonation device sends the detonation command simultaneously to each detonator, after which the inner clock chip of the detonators ensure correct timing. This eliminates any impacts holes or, e.g. moving rocks, may have on the operation of subsequent detonators. The system is protected from external interference.

The systems support the following wire lengths: 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 metres. 

The manufacturers of the electronic detonators require that each user receives appropriate training prior to using the products.