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The Kemix- and Kemix A-pipecharges are emulsion pipecharges, with qualities much like those of Kemix A cartridges. Kemix- & Kemix A-pipecharges are suitable for all types of quarrying of rock, where the amount of explosive in the borehole has to be precise. They are highly suitable for smooth wall blasting and precision blasting in both open-cut excavations and drifting.

Kemix- & Kemix A-pipecharges have a high resistance to water and freezing. Six different sizes of Kemix- & Kemix A-pipecharges are produced for different purposes. The pipes are easy and quick to connect to each other, as the end of the pipe is expanded. When the pipes are tightly connected to each other, the transmission of the detonation is secured and the tenacity of the joint is high. Kemix 17 x 1000 pipecharges differ from Kemix A-pipecharges in that they do not contain aluminium. There are also expansion sleeves available for 17 mm Kemix-pipecharges. The maximum operating depth of Kemix- & Kemix A-pipecharges is 80 m.

For ignition you can use detonators or detonating cords of at least 10 grams, e.g. F-Cord 10.