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Kemix A is an emulsion explosive, which contains an aluminium additive which increases the material’s explosive energy.

Kemix A cartridges are suitable for a variety of blasting applications as a base or a column charge, while the larger cartridges of over Ø 40 mm can be used as boosters for Kemiittis and Anfos. Due to the cartridges being highly water-resistant and because of their specific weight, they are suitable for blasting applications where the explosive is exposed to water. Kemix A is completely insoluble to water, making it an environmentally friendly explosive. It is also resistant to sub-zero temperatures. The cartridges can be installed directly into water-filled boreholes. Dropping the cartridges into water from a height of over 10 metres is not recommended. The maximum operating depth of the Kemix A cartridges depends on the diameter: with diameters of over Ø 40 mm, the maximum operating depth is 25 metres. With diameters of Ø 25 to Ø 36 mm the maximum operating depth in water is up to 80 metres.