Forcit Group in short

A truly Nordic player whose expertise ranges from blasting and environmental impact management to defence systems.


FORCIT Group’s vision is to be the superior partner for demanding operations.


FORCIT Group’s mission is to enable a safe and sustainable society.

FORCIT is the first choice in Nordics for service and knowledge related to blasting, charging and environmental impact assessment, as well as a desired Insensitive Munitions technology partner globally.

We have built our expertise since 1893 and our head office is still in Hanko, Finland. FORCIT is a privately owned and independent player with a strong Nordic value base.

FORCIT consists of three business areas: FORCIT Explosives – the leading partner for civil explosives and related services. FORCIT Consulting – the consulting services partner offering a wide range of expertise, services and training for construction and excavation. FORCIT Defence – a trusted partner for high class insensitive munitions-based defence systems for global markets.

We co-operate closely with the mining industry and companies in the excavation and construction sectors. FORCIT Defence co-operates with defence forces and the defence industry.

FORCIT’s turnover is appr. 130 million euros.

Our company has been awarded the Achievers Certificate

We Achievers companies are the ones that a financial analytics professional has found to perform better than our competitors. Only about 6 % of Finnish companies join the list of successful companies every year!

The Achievers mark is a guarantee of quality and reliability. It shows at a glance that the company knows how to take good care of customers, business and personnel.

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Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä


Tämän kuvan alt-attribuutti on tyhjä


Annual reports

In our annual report, you can read the description of our previous year’s operations in general. The report presents the results of our activities – also in the light of the figures. Here you will also find the annual reports of previous years in the archive.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS & Leadership team

Our company is managed by the Board of Directors together with the Leadership Team. You can read more about the members of our Board of Directors and the composition of our Leadership Team here.