Career at Forcit Group

Winning Team

which we believe will overcome every challenge. The winning team is made up of the best in the industry, and is the right mix of skill, enthusiasm and a stone hard professionalism.

How we play makes a huge difference. Creating value and exceeding expectations require skills and attitude. 


At Forcit we work together with our mission to enable a safe and sustainable society. We create value by securing safe and sustainable business through a flexible and committed partnership for our customers and for the many people they

We believe a clear and supportive leadership, a solid set of Nordic values and dedicated employees are what make us successful. 

We offer

  • Inspiring work. In our professional and supporting team you get to develop yourself and utilise your skills. 
  • Well-being. We believe in a balanced life, being physically and mentally healthy, having a social and working life in balance. 
  • Total reward. Total reward is a combination of everything we offer in order to be the best place to work.

5 Great reasons to join our team

  1. Professional and nice co-workers with whom it is pleasant to work together.
  2. Versatile work and engaging projects.
  3. Flexible working hours and an otherwise fair employer, as well as nice benefits.
  4. Different and customised career paths that can take you to Finland, Sweden, Norway or even to the world.
  5. A responsible and financially strong player as an employer.

Meet colleagues

We are a versatile employer with multiple different career paths. We also offer a fun working environment, as our staff turnover is low.