Meet colleagues

“I work a lot with customer contacts and like to see the results of everyone’s hard work directly with the customers. There is a lot of freedom under responsibility, which I enjoy very much. At the same time I get opportunities to develop in the work. ”

Per, technical service positions and sales support since 2017

“I have a great time at FORCIT! I have all the best co-workers who are nice to work with every day. In addition, I have had the opportunity to develop in my work and do really versatile work in different parts of Finland during my employment history. “

Pia, Kemiitti operations since 2010

“It is definitely the collaboration with my good colleagues that is the most important well-being factor. It is an exciting journey we are on and it is good that we are investing in development and growth. We can still continue to be flexible and familiar at the same time as we grow up with a larger network that supports. ”

Ann Kathrin, Director in Consulting business unit since 2019

“I especially like my job because my work days are always different. I get to do independent work, with schedules and content against myself. In addition, I love challenges and enjoy solving them even in surprising situations. My team is staffed by top colleagues who help whenever needed. The Group offers good development opportunities!

Veronika, Consulting operations since 2017