Industry pioneer in technology

With advanced technology and industry knowledge, we can solve many of our customers’ challenges. We are constantly developing and creating new services, such as digital tools to optimise blasting and excavation, modern defence systems, and remote environmental impact measurement solutions.

Forcit’s production processes are designed and built to be flexible. A comprehensive network of raw material suppliers guarantees security of supply and the adaptability of products to different needs. The customer-oriented approach starts with production.

Digitalisation in optimisation of Excavation

Our digital solutions enable a whole new level of blasting optimisation and environmental impact management in both mining and other excavation sites. The set of ForDEX (Forcit Digital Excavation) digital systems has made it possible to utilise a completely new type of input data and environmental impact measurement data as part of the optimisation of the overall excavation process. With it, we provide the customer with, not only information, but also powerful tools for managing and utilising information.

Own technology

Our Kemiitti equipment in the FORCIT Explosives business, which is the result of our own product development, is a matter of our pride. It incorporates state-of-the-art solutions in both automation and mechanics and sets a new standard for modern input devices.

Our production facilities are not only our own technology solutions, but also highly automated. This ensures a safe and at the same time efficient production process that is also flexible when needed. Authorities and legislation also set requirements for the safety of the manufacturing and the use of explosives.