eNPS 52 Is A Number to Be Proud Of

eNPS* Employee Net Promoter Score measures employees’ commitment to work and their willingness to recommend their employer to others. Forcit’s eNPS was measured in our last staff survey a few months ago, resulting in a very good score of 52.

The survey also shows that we, Forcit employees are ready to make extra efforts to achieve our goals and understand the importance of our own input for customer satisfaction. We are proud of our work here and cooperate well with our colleagues. Safety is strongly underlined and constantly developed. Work accidents leading to absences have decreased by 30 % compared to the previous year. Our most recent success regarding safety is the “Contractor of the Year” award given by Outokumpu Ferrochrome Business Area for our outstanding security work.

We will continue focusing on our development areas, internal communication and sharing successes. The fast-paced, development-oriented everyday life and the forward-thinking culture of action do not always address this important need to take a break for enjoying common achievements.

Also at Forcit we see that only people who are comfortable with and motivated in their work, exceed the expectations of our customers, inspire their colleagues, innovate and genuinely aim to grow our business. Although we have succeeded in this, the results of the survey still leave room for improvement. In addition to our development efforts, we continue to conduct these surveys annually, targeting an improving business and job satisfaction, as well as a further growing eNPS score.

*eNPS is calculated by asking “Would you recommend your job to your friends or colleagues and what would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?” by. This figure is obtained by deducting from the relative percentage of referrals (answer 9 or 10) the percentage of critics (answer 0-6).