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The F-pipecharges consist of a powder explosive containing i.a. nitroglycol and diatomite. The main field of application for F-pipecharge is smooth wall blasting and precision blasting. The F-pipecharge can also be used in other kinds of tunnelling and open-cut mining tasks which need light and accurate charging. 

F-pipecharges are used for blasting contour lines, when the rock surface has to be as whole as possible following the required boundaries. This produces the following advantages:

  • reduced concrete consumption when casting directly onto the rock

  • reduced danger of falling rocks in sections and tunnels

  • reduced strengthening and cleansing work

  • reduced capacity loss when water flows in water and drain tunnels

  • increased safe lifecycle of the rock structure

The explosive is packed into plastic pipes. The pipes are equipped with expansion sleeves, which enable the pipes to be fixed in the middle of the borehole and prevent them from being thrown out of the hole. When the pipe is fixed, an air cushion is formed between the pipe and the wall of the hole, that on its own part prevents the rock from unnecessary breaking.