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Kemiitti 810 is a system concept developed for underground excavations, tunnelling and mining, featuring a site sensitised pump-dispensed emulsion explosive, related charging technology and application support services (i.a. permits, support, storage arrangements).

The K810 emulsion explosive is produced on the charging vehicle while being pumped into the hole. The processing equipment sensitises the K810 matrix into to an explosive using a chemical solution. The automated process control and the use of the charging tube secures the adjusting of the charging degree to fit the purpose. The K810 is completely water resistant and it is suitable to be used as well in horizontal holes as in upper and lower holes. The same method can be used for charging an entire tunnel drift as well as a stope. The equipment documents automatically the amount of explosives charged in every borehole.



  • All boreholes are charged with one system
  • Charging can be optimised, minimising the amount of product dissolving in water. Helps reduce package waste on the site.
  • Does not cause dust explosions. During transportation, the matrix is classified as an oxidising agent.
  • Helps reduce 1.1 hazard class material transportation and storage requirement significantly.


SITE MANAGER SERVICE is part of the Kemiitti 810 service package and the Kemiitti 810 charging system. The Site Managers have the necessary technical qualifications and experience for acting as the responsible supervisor pursuant to the Decree on Explosives. The Site Managers participate in the development of the client’s charging process, equipment engineering, regulatory matters and training. They are also responsible for assuring the safety of use and storage of the chemicals and the process, as well as the functionality of the equipment.