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Kemiitti 810 is an emulsion explosive chemically sensitized from the emulsion matrix. The product is charged by pumping it into up-, down- and horizontal boreholes using underground emulsion charging units.
The product sensitizes into a finished explosive within 10 to 30 minutes of charging. Kemiitti 810 is suitable for all kinds of applications in underground mining, especially in those operations that require quick charging and/or good water-resistance. It is grease-like in consistency and white or yellowish in color. The raw materials for Kemiitti 810 (matrix and additive) are delivered to the customer in transport tanks or IBCs. Local regulations must be taken into consideration when using Kemiitti 810.


  • Charging is fast and the charge concentration is adjustable to each borehole. This feature enables the light charging of contour holes which ensures the achievement of the desired excavation profiles.
  • Suitable for both face and production charging
  • The need for storing and handling explosives on-site decreases
  • Environmental effects are minor when used correctly
  • Increases work hygiene

provides continuous support in all the matters related to the implementation and operation of the Kemiitti 810 charging system. A qualified member of the Forcit staff works closely and collaboratively with the customer and mine operators to constantly improve the efficiency of the charging units. The service includes the support in the obtention of the permits for the charging units, the organization of safety training in chemical and explosive handling, the execution of training on the operation of the charging units, the scheduling and supervision of the maintenance of the equipment, the definition and re-evaluation of the loading procedures and practices, and the assistance in the design of blasts under demanding conditions.

Safety Data Sheet Kemiitti 610 matrix, Kemiitti 810 matrix

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