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Kemiitti 510 and 610 are bulk emulsion explosives developed for open-cut excavations. We deliver Kemiitti bulk emulsions to the work site directly pumped into the boreholes Diverse charging services can also be provided by Forcit, when doing charging and blasting work on excavation site.

Kemiitti provides benefits because of its high charging degree, smaller number of drilling meters, and the speed of the charging work. The drill holes do not have to be dry, because the Kemiitti products are fully water resistant; when pumped, they replace the water in a borehole.

Kemiitti products are only manufactured in batches matching the amount needed at a worksite. Careful charging and the insolubility of Kemiitti products result in a low environmental load, and there are no packaging materials to dispose of after using Kemiitti. The need for explosives stored in the worksite, and transporting of explosives are considerably diminished.

Kemiitti 510 emulsion is manufactured from raw materials in a charging vehicle on-site. Kemiitti 510 explosives are available with solid ammonium nitrate prills or without the prills, if needed. The total prill amount can be up to 30% depending on the total load of the vehicle. Kemiitti 510 is delivered from the Urjala and Vihtavuori service points, up to 14 tonnes per delivery. The maximum delivery amount varies according to vehicle type.

Further information from Forcit’s technical service persons.